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Our hand carved wood moldings are ready to stain. Please contact us for pricing on our moldings. Use the Molding Quote form found on each product.
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Oak Leaf Molding

Oak Leaf Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x1"
Scrolling Leaves Molding

Scrolling Leaves Molding is 4-1/8"x96"x7/8"
Proud Acanthus Crown Molding

Proud Acanthus Crown Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x4-7/8"
Acanthus Vine Molding

Acanthus Vine Molding is 5-1/2"x96"x1"
Flowering Scrolls Crown Molding

Flowering Scrolls Crown Molding is 6-1/8"x96"x2"
Flowers and Vines Molding

Flowers and Vines Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x1"
Shell and Bead Molding

Shell and Bead Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x1"
Egg and Leaf Molding

Egg and Leaf Molding is 3-1/8"x96"x5/8"
Ribbon and Vine Molding

Ribbon and Vine Molding is 5-1/2"x96"x1"
Acanthus Leaves Crown Molding

Acanthus Leaves Crown Molding is 5-3/4"x96"x1"
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