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Our hand carved wood moldings are ready to stain. Please contact us for pricing on our moldings. Use the Molding Quote form found on each product.

We are in the process of lowering pricing on all our Moldings, check back again
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5" Oak Leaf Frieze Molding

5" Oak Leaf Frieze Molding is 4-7/8" x 96" x 1"
4" Scrolling Leaves Molding

Scrolling Leaves Molding is 4-1/8" w x 96"  x 7/8" d
7" Proud Acanthus Crown Molding

7" Proud Acanthus Crown Molding is 4-7/8" x 96" x 4-7/8"   7" of Face
5-1/2" Acanthus Vine Molding

Acanthus Vine Molding is 5-1/2"x96"x1"
6-1/8" Flowering Scrolls Crown Molding

Flowering Scrolls Crown Molding is 6-1/8"x96"x1"
4-7/8" Freated Flowers and Vines Molding

Flowers and Vines Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x1"
4-7/8" Fretted Shell and Bead Molding

Shell and Bead Molding is 4-7/8"x96"x1"
4-7/8" Freated Egg and Leaf Molding

Egg and Leaf Molding is 3-1/8"x96"x5/8"
Ribbon and Vine Molding

Ribbon and Vine Molding is 5-1/2"x96"x1"
5-3/4" Acanthus Leaves Crown Molding

Acanthus Leaves Crown Molding is 5-3/4"x96"x1"
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